5-31-09 - Fenway Park, Boston, MA

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from Tyler Comeaux date Thu, Jun 4, 2009 at 8:45 AM subject 05-31-09 Fenway Park Hello All, What a day/night in Boston and Fenway Park! I absolutely love Boston, what a great city. One of my dreams has always been to see a ball game at Fenway but that would certainly have to take a back seat to seeing my favorite band in the world play this venue and the experience did not disappoint. I don't think I'll go with a song by song review but rather will point out the highlights. Let me first point out that in my opinion the guys sounded great. We got lucky and were on the field (A5) about 15 rows from the stage so the sound wasn't an issue down there like I have heard of certain seats in the stands. First set Highlights include: Ocelot, this is a new song that I feel should be heard by all fans right away. It includes wonderful harmonies and their voices sounded particularly good here. Stash was nice too with a little take me out to the ball game tease before the Stash actually began, which my good friend Matty called before we even got to Boston; however he thought they'd play the whole song, oh well the tease was nice and had us cracking up. Stash was pretty dark and eerie in my opinion. I know that they usually are but this one seemed particularly dark. I thought it was great and provided the set with some contrast to some of the more upbeat songs that they played. You should all check out DWD and DESTINY UNBOUND!!! Holy Sh**!!! They were both smoking and with Destiny the guys sounded particularly good, especially their vocals. The DWD I would compare to some more to the point versions of 94 and fall of 96. It smoked, was rather concise, didn't veer to far from the main theme and came back into the ending beautifully. I definitely dug it but am also always up to seeing the guys explore a little bit with the jams. Either way this version is definitely worth a listen. Second set highlights: The entire thing!! If Fenway did for some reason have a roof on it this Tweezer would have torn it off. It was definitely hot and there was a wonderful transition into Light which I must listen to again but my first impression was nothing but positive, great new song (if you can't tell I dig the new stuff so far). Bathtub and Bowie were both tight. They had the big screens right in our face and was quite fun to see Trey's finger work at the end of Bowie which just exploded. Time Turns Elastic I need to hear this again. I liked it but it has a lot of different sections to it and I found myself getting lost a bit but I won't knock the tune yet. More often than not Phish songs tend to grow on me but I must point out that Ocelot and Light I loved from the get go. (The Ballad of) Curtis Loew has always been one of my favorite songs. It was just a real moving song for me and I was excited to see it live. I'll have to research to see when they played it last but I think it's been since 93 maybe? YEM consisted of a wonderful vocal jam at the end and one of the highlights of the entire show was Mike's bass in YEM. Jesus, you've got to hear it, that man is in really good form and the effect he used was mind blowing. I could listen to hours of it, definitely download this song and see what you think, if you don't agree just blame me but please check it out. I enjoyed all three encores and I am a sucker for the tweezer reprise, I think it's a great way to end a set or encore, just fantastic. I haven't downloaded this show yet and therefore haven't analyzed the songs in depth but wanted to share my experience and initial thoughts with everyone. This was my wife's first show and she told me that it was a spiritual experience and that she has never felt that connected with music before. I think that sums up what the phishing experience is all about. Those guys do have a great ability to connect with the audience on so many levels and I was happy that she felt it. We're not planning on any more shows this summer but for those of you planning on seeing Phish later on this tour get ready because they already sound good out of the gate. Just give them some time to get into rhythm on the road and look the fu** out!!! I think you fans checking them out this summer will be impressed and I am certainly envious because I'm sure they will blow some minds. I must admit that I had forgotten how great of an experience a Phish show is. The music and the people. Man we were all having such a good time and it was just great to see everyone with big smiles and literally "sharing in the groove!" I met some wonderful people up in Boston and that's usually the case when I go to a show. Thank you so much for coming back Phish!!!!!!! What are the chances of coming down to Austin this fall? ;-) Best regards, Tyler Comeaux
from Justin Sawyer date Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 7:02 PM subject 5-31-09 Fenway Park Review Phish at Fenway was everything I wanted and more... what a night! It's a treat to watch the band come back and create new music in front of your eyes (and ears), and then, to have them play at a historic venue like Fenway Park with "Phish" spelled out on the innings board in left field and the skyline of the city at night behind them... simply magical. The last shows I caught were the Mansfield shows and Coventry, and I thought the band's playing last night blew them out of the water! They were tight and were having a great time, and it really came through in the music. I thought the sound at Fenway was pretty rough, but on the other hand, it is an open air baseball stadium with gusty winds at times, so it is what it is! Here are some of my personal highlights and thoughts... My buddies and I heard a rumor that the guys would sing the national anthem achapella while we were filing in and heading to our seats. Sure enough, guys came out of the Sox dugout with throwback jerseys on and sang it on the mound. Way to start a tour! Sample opener surprised me, but they sounded tight off the bat. Moma Dance hit SECOND and I was psyched, and they funked it good. Mike was really driving a lot of the songs tonight, I thought. I think Trey must have told Page to do the "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" thing, cause he was a little timid about it and they were all cracking up....impromptu? Then they launched into Stash (The crowd was really getting into it now). The jam started innocently enough but got very dissonant and heavier. They built the tension thick but there wasn't much of a release, which actually made it better IMO as it was different and more eerie. The Bouncing started a mellow portion of the set, which perked up for a great ending of Down with Disease, Destiny Unbound!?!, and Character Zero. A good set, thought it lost a lot of momentum for awhile in the middle, but ended well. I had no idea what they had in store for us for the seond set... The set opens with TWEEZER and my jaw dropped. I was calling it and sure enough, they didn't dissapoint. They JAMMED THE HELL OUT OF IT! Must've been 15 minutes and it started to get spacey and out there, Mike was really pushing the tension all night, and the whole band was responding... they segued into another new one (Light) I didn't know and I liked it. BATHTUB GIN!!! I lost it, it was all over.. miniglowstick war in the left field grandstands, and they had a beautiful jam on this. Afterward Fish stars the hihats and we're all thinking "it's gotta be Maze, no way would they..." PLAY DAVID BOWIE? Yep, and they nailed it. Jam wasn't too long but it raged to a nice crescendo. This set was already a monster. Then they play Time Turns Elastic, and the jam WAS OUT OF CONTROL. I thought it was a great song with more depth than anything new I've heard from Phish in a long time. These guys are going to rage this into the next stratosphere as this tour continues! My buddy got his favorite song with Free, and then out of nowhere a Ballad of Curtis Loew (two huge rarities with the Destiny, gotta love it). At this point, this set was on 9. YEM kicked it up to 11. They played the composed section flawlessly (practicing Trey?) and they must've heard the scream and "BOY!" all the way in NYC as the Fenway Phans roared something fierce. The vocal jam was otherworldly and climaxed with top of the lungs screaming. Wow. The whole encore was great, epic Reprise. This show was Phenominal and the 2nd set was the best set of Phish I've ever seen at a show. Amazing setlist, SICK jamming in almost every song. They're back, and better than they've been in a long time! Thank you guys! Justin Sawyer
from Dom Lange date Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 8:41 AM subject Phish show review 5/31/09 My wife and I went on our first date almost seventeen years ago. It was a concert at the old Boston Garden that WBCN was doing and Phish was the headliner. Now married with 2 kids (and still living in Boston), we decided to pay a sitter to stay the night, and go see our boys again and party-up (just a bit, ya know?). Met some friends at a pub before the show, and was bummed to see the rain start to fall... Entered the show wearing a garbage bag, and we made our way down to our seats (section 8 on the field). At first I looked around and wondered if we might like it better in the seats, but from what I hear about the sound quality up there, I'm happy we stayed put. I called a sample opener, and thought I was right, but then the guy next to me told me about the star spangled banner - I'm bummed I missed that. Won't go into a song by song review, but I will say that my wife and I have been to just under 100 shows over the years - many of them big-time historic shows, and I really rank this show up there with the best. I know the set list could have been better, and the sound too, but it was just so nostalgic, and my wife and I had more than our fair share of sappy moments. The rain stopped and the sun came through the clouds just as Trey went into his first solo, and of course a few rainbows appeared around the ballpark at that time. Just a few random thoughts on the first set... Ocelot really feels like a childrens song...in a good way. "Thoughts follow my vision and dance in the sun. Can't this wait till I'm old, can I live while I'm young?" - oh shit, I think I'm technically old now! Sent shivers down my spine...and BIG smiles on our faces. DWD, Destiny unbound, and character zero! Come on! They were "on", and that was a huge relief. Liked Hampton and all (each night they sounded better and better, but they played on a whole different level here). Set two... It was just so strong, I don't know where to start. Time turns elastic - not too into it to be honest. Hey, that's OK though....smoked a bunch of weed during this one. Seems a bit like an amalgamation of a bunch of stuff they've done already. Had some interesting moments but I would say the weak link in this set. YEM was just such an emotional thing for me. I was a kid when I first fell in love with it and I still love it after all these years. He didn't fuck it up either which REALLY helped too. One of the best encores I've ever seen. Left that place like a kid who had just robbed a candy store...thanks guys. My wife and I are both hurting today...hurting in a good way though, ya know? Greatwoods here we come baby!!!
from Jennifer Orell date Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 7:57 AM subject Phish show review The show was AMAZING!! My wife said it was the greatest night of her life other than our wedding! (and I think the wedding part was to spare my feelings) The boys are as tight as ever. Sounds like '94 or summer Europe '97, with deep funky bass and Trey managing to hit it vocally. Great vibe, tons of fun, old friends, new friends, random hugs it felt like a time machine to 10 years ago. At one point I said to my wife, "Fenway and Phish, it's like peanut butter and chocolate!" and she thought that summed it up perfectly. ;D Highlights: SET 1 -God's Lighting Design for Set 1 -Chalkdust- This is where we looked at each other and said, "It's on!" -Bouncin Round The Room+Poor Heart- We were glad to be in the outfield right boxes once these started, tons of room for dancing with a whole section of unused seats to our right! This really got the crowd worked up. -DESTINY UNBOUND!?!?! -What had to be one of the shortest set breaks ever. SET 2 -Tweezer opener that ripped the place to shreds -Bathtub Gin!! I mean you knew it was coming, but it was just so good to all be in the bath together again. -Quick, Tight David Bowie! -Free-- Sweet Jam, Mike is the King! -YEM! We'd moved to the opposite side (near the Monster) by this time, and it was the perfect spot to observe the bouncing Phish in it's native habitat. Encore- Just the whole thing was a highlight! And we get to do it again next week!?! Another great quote from my wife, "Maybe we died and we're in heaven." And we even got some tv coverage. If you look close you can see my wife next to me, who is as a chocolate chip cookie. http://www.necn.com/Boston/Arts-Entertainment/2009/05/31/Phish-returns-with-Fenway-show/1243821107.html And if you ended up with Stewie, Please give him a good home and bring him to Great Woods!
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